Kosher Sudbury

Maintaining a Kosher diet in Northern Ontario is pretty challenging. We hope to help make finding Kosher products a little easier. Here is a list of kosher products in Sudbury.

We will update this page as regularly as possible. If you have any knowledge of additional products that are missing from this list, please email us with the information.

Vrabs’ Independent Grocery

Frozen breads from the bakery are by ‘Ready Bake’ and a list of kosher products can be foundHERE (from bakery – let rise and bake at home) including egg bread which is a challah! [if they don’t have any in stock, the Goldsteins always have extras…]

ACE bread par-baked frozen (from bakery – finish baking at home)

Amy’s kosher organic frozen pizza (in the organic section)

Organic sliced bread (5 kinds)

Matzo ball mix (in the rices area)

Bissli (in the organic section)

Falafel mix (in the organic section)

Couscous mushroom mix (in the organic section)

Chai kosher chicken – whole

Chai kosher chicken – cut-up

Chai kosher chicken breast – skinless & boneless

Chai kosher chicken breast – skin and bone-in

Chai kosher chicken burgers

Chai kosher turkey – whole

Chai kosher cornish hens


Shake n bake

Shake n bake glazes

Tre Stele sliced cheese

Bulk Barn

many kosher products including:

Fortune cookies (wings)

Croutons (pareve and dairy) [only at Lasalle location]

Bread crumbs


The MarketPlaceĀ [rainbow centre]

Dofino cheeses – sliced & blocks

Tre Stele cheeses – sliced & blocks

Indian food products

Amy’s soup cans


Coehns frozen hous-derves

Moishes pickles

ACE frozen baguettes

ACE cranberry scones

Salmon – plain and marinated

Food Basics

Cakes and pies from Montreal


Has many kosher products. List to be posted as soon as possible.

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