Thursday March 17th, 2011
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
St Patrick’s Catholic Church, 39 Walford Road, Sudbury, ON.
Dr. Roger Nash, Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue
Dr. Alicia Batten, Department of Religious Studies, University of Sudbury
Imam Abdul-Hak Dabliz, Greater Sudbury Mosque

Celebrating the Sudbury Jewish Community

After long delays, we are finally compiling a page on our website honouring and celebrating achievements of the members of our Jewish community.
Please forward any information on yourself or others in our community (even if they no longer live here) that should be mentioned on our website – with dates if possible. There is pretty much no limit or requirements for submitting anything. So, if you think it is important – it is!


Roger and Chris Nash hosted a DVD night at their house on Thursday January 27th at 7pm.  A film was shown about the Synagogue on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas: the oldest continuously running synagogue in the U.S.  The St. Thomas synagogue caters to many forms of Jewish worship, and has self-evaluated and adapted significantly over time.
Due to an avoidable mistake, I did not get the notification out in time for the community at large. Only a select few that were on a different list received the notification. I have addressed the source of my error and this should not happen again. My sincerest apologies to the Nash family.

Hanukkah Party Thanks

Thank you to everyone who was able to join our Hanukkah Party!

Thank you to all that contributed to the pot luck meal, everything was wonderful.

Thanks to the Hebrew School kids for singing for us.

Thank you to the Sudbury Jewish Community for reaching out to the university students and all others that are away from family for the holidays and making everyone feel welcome!

Hanukkah Party

If you are on our mailing list, expect a reminder in your mailboxes for the upcoming LUJSA 2nd Annula Hanukkah Party Pot Luck on Dec. 9 @ 6:30PM at the university.

It is a wonderful opportunity for our community to show support for the university students who are away from their homes and families for the holiday. The Hebrew School kids have prepared a couple of songs and the university students are eager to share some latkes with everyone!

If you are not on our list yet – sign up now so that you don’t miss a thing!

Cartman Bar Mitzvah Shabbes

This shabbes we will be joining the Cartman family in celebrating Micahel’s Bar Mitzvah.

We will be holding Carlebach-Sudbury style Friday Night Services at 6:30PM in the synagogue -bring your singing voices!

Zahava Goldstein will be speaking as part of the Friday Night Talks Program

Michael will be called up to the torah on Saturday during the afternoon service held at 3:00PM in the synagogue

All are welcome!

Shabbat Shalom

What a night!

Thank you to over twenty congregants – I lost count – children and adults, for making this past Friday night such a wonderful, happy, and song-filled evening! Other than the High Holidays (we had 35 people), it has been such a long time since so many of us congregated to celebrate the welcoming of the shabbat without the need of a special occasion.

Thank you to Dr. Roger Nash for being part of our Friday Night Talks Program and joining Daniel BenZimra, Stephanie Eusler, Jacques Abourbih, Judi Cartman, Hindi Cartman, John Arbuckle, Sidney Shapiro and others that every week shower us with inspiring words.

May we have many more evenings such as this!


Havdallah Program

We plan on restarting our Havdallah program and would like to get input from you!

Once a month we will be getting together to say goodbye to Shabbes and make Havdallah together. Last year we had ‘Third Meal’ before the Havdallah service. If you have any suggestions for this program or would like to get on the list to sponsor a meal or Melaveh Malka, let us know.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone in our community that participated and helped begin our new year with wonderful High Holiday services and meals. We could not have achieved the wonderful feeling of togetherness and happiness without your help.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed financially or by other means to the wonderful meals that Zahava and her wonderful helpers (Sidney…) cooked for our community members and especially the university students spending the holidays away from their families. It was a tremendous mitzvah!

We hope that we can keep the spirit of togetherness and happiness though Sukkot and the rest of the year.


This year, the Hebrew School would like to invite the community of Sudbury to participate in Tashlich.

Tashlich is a practice in which the previous year’s sins are symbolically “cast off” by throwing bread crumbs or similar food into a large, natural body of flowing water.

The Hebrew School will be meeting at the entrance to Bell Park, near the parking lot, at 10:30AM – Sunday, September 12.

We hope that you are able to join us in this educational and fun experience.